Limenaria is located in the southern side of Thassos island. It perfectly combines the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains covered with plants and trees. It constitutes the ideal destination for those who really want to relax and enjoy family holidays.

Limenaria is the second biggest city of the island and combines a lot of activities. The residents of this area are particularly hospitable and friendly, they progress in greek hospitality. Limenaria is a destination in which everything is nearby. You don’t need to use a car to move anywhere, since in the village there are plenty of restaurants, super markets, pharmacies, bars, pastries, cafeterias, rent a car or motorbike shops, banks and a lot more which are situated in the small distance from the Agali hotel.

Limenaria beach spreads for about three kilometers. At the port you will meet colorful fish boats and the Palataki. The Palataki is an impressive monument in which you should definitely have your picture taken. On the other side of the hill, where the Palataki is situated, you will meet the Metallia beach. In this area a hundred years ago there was a minor and melting metals factory, nowadays it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Thassos, it makes the difference with the various hot spots and art craft monuments to explore and take photos. It’s a sandy area with blue green waters.